Kevin was born to a family who could not support him. At the age of four, he was removed from his home. After running cross country in high school, he graduated in 2005 and made his way to Western Kentucky University, later transferring to BCTC here in Lexington. Although school had its ups and downs, Kevin was always enamored with the idea of being a firefighter. In 2012 Kevin proudly completed his associates degree at BCTC in fire science.

While at BCTC, Kevin attended Christian Student Fellowship (CSF), a non-denominational ministry reaching out to college students in the Lexington area. After going on spring break trips, serving around the building, and being involved in small groups, Kevin became one of the most beloved figures in this ministry of hundreds of college students.

Kevin is well known for being a hard worker. But part-time, minimum wage jobs made it difficult for him to support himself. In the fall of 2012, the students of CSF sprang into action. They raised $4,600 for Kevin through a local movement called “Five Dollar Fast.” Students forgo one meal each week and donate the $5 they would have spent to help people in need. Single moms. Kids who need Christmas presents. In November, they dedicated their month of fasting to Kevin.

The students and staff at CSF help Kevin manage the money to cover various life expenses and school loans he has to pay back. But the idea wasn’t just to help Kevin out one time with some money, they wanted to help him create a better life for himself. But what could they do?

Kevin expressed interest in starting his own lawn care business, so CSF purchased the needed equipment from the money raised. In Spring 2013, Kevin started with one lawn, then two lawns, then… by the end of the summer he was up to 15 lawns. Students told friends. Neighbors saw the great work he was doing. They began to love Kevin like CSF loves Kevin. They began to appreciate his hard work and kind spirit.

CSF’s hope is that through creating beautiful neighborhoods in Lexington, Kevin is able to build a better life.